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Designer Matteo Tosi is set to launch two new collections at the upcoming Fuorisalone in Milan: Nontiscordardimé and Adelina. Both collections are self-produced and focus on daily life where nature flows throughout with the hope of keeping one nourished and fulfilled.

Nontiscordardimé is a trio of colorful tables with leaf-like patterns showing up in the graphic tabletops through a series of lines that run perpendicular to another set. One of the tables features a vase to hold flowers or plants and another has a branch rising from the leg to act as a hanger. The tables can be overlapped by threading a leg through the lines of another’s top to create a composition or they can be used on their own. Both the vase and bowl can be removed.

Adelina is a series of centerpieces that play with geometric shapes and lines with contrasting black and gold finishes. The golden discs are suspended and can be used to hold objects. The collection was named after Tosi’s grandmother conjuring up memories of dining with family and friends.

Photos by Andrea Basile.

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