Orthopedic mattresses from the manufacturer’s warehouse Mattresses orthopedic indispensable bedroom item, do you need a mattress? - then our Interior4You store will help you with the choice. Since a place to sleep directly affects the quality of rest, the demand for mattresses is always great - it’s better to sleep on a comfortable orthopedic mattress, because this is the key to your health. To ensure a real excellent sleep, the correct formation of the muscles of the back and skeleton, you need to carefully approach the organization of your berth and the choice in our catalog. Specialists and the Interior4You online store advise you to choose products that ensure good rest and health, and our huge assortment of sizes, types, manufacturers, materials will allow you to buy a real orthopedic mattress for any bed and sofa.

It’s definitely worth buying an orthopedic mattress in the Interior4You store, especially when:

  • sleep became restless and anxious in the old bed;
  • in a dream you feel every roughness of the surface of your bed;
  • Your muscles and spine feel a lot of stress or fatigue.
  • used their old mattress for more than 8 years;
  • bought a new bed or bed without a mattress.

Sleeping mattresses for beds

With a new orthopedic mattress, sleeping on an old sofa or bed will acquire a significantly different quality - what we guarantee. For complete relaxation, we recommend buying an orthopedic pillow. After sleeping in such conditions, a person feels rested, alert and full of strength at 100%. All manufacturers have passed strict quality control checks, and most importantly, all prices for orthopedic mattresses on the site are provided directly from the manufacturer.

Health and longevity with an orthopedic sleeping mattress

Mattress manufacturers make products as environmentally friendly and safe as possible, which is very important. Even artificial materials for bedding are made with high hygienic properties and requirements, durability and resistance to microorganisms - for which our store is very careful.

The healing effect is given by springs or special filling. The system of all mattresses consists of a spring or springless block of varying degrees of rigidity and an external coating. A cover is put on top - removable or non-removable. This bed reduces the load on the spine due to the uniform support of all parts of the body, so blood circulation improves and your sleep becomes more comfortable. Shop Interior4You offers to buy orthopedic mattresses from the manufacturers catalog, we have selected for you: the most complete list of properties, parameters, characteristics, and the main advantage are the prices that are set by the manufacturer.

Filling orthopedic mattresses are used from the following materials:

  • latex - durable eco-material made of foam rubber. Soft and supple;
  • coconut (coir) - a natural material made from compressed fibers of the same plant;
  • sisal - a filler similar to coconut, but from agave fibers;
  • polyurethane foam - medium soft or hard artificial filler, less elastic than latex;
  • memoriforms are a more viscous form of polyurethane foam. It has medium hardness, creates the effect of remembering the shape of the body;
  • strutofiber (periotek) - wool, synthetic or cotton filler for mattresses with vertically arranged fibers. It looks like felt.
  • Medium hard material, harder than polyurethane foam.

The rigidity level of the mattress for the bed is marked from 1 to 5:

  • soft - usually these are the most affordable options. At the heart of the product are simple spring blocks and a minimum of flooring material;
  • soft, supplemented with stiffness components - high-quality springs, rough flooring material;
  • medium - rigidity is ensured by arranging various filling elements - latex, coconut coir, etc.;
  • rigid - consist of reinforced springs and thickened flooring materials;
  • super-rigid - construction made of whole coconut fibers or coconut coir and reinforced springs.

The choice of the rigidity of the mattress that organizes the bed is a matter of personal habits and feelings. It is believed that a good model should not be too hard or too soft. The most popular degree is the third or fourth. For people with spinal problems, we recommend mattresses with a greater degree of stiffness. The catalog on the website indicates the hardness level of each product.

Each model is packed in a special case, for better operation and protection against pollution. The top material is cotton, jacquard, velor, stretch. The coating of the orthopedic mattress provides thermoregulation, repels moisture, has an antibacterial, antiallergenic property.

Online store Interior4You presents a large selection of orthopedic mattresses from a warehouse, all prices and photos from the catalog directly from the manufacturer - you see our range in front of you. The site is convenient and you can find everything, any model you need: with the help of a filter system you get the opportunity to: compare, evaluate, select - filling, stiffness, type, type and other characteristics, and the properties of the mattress. We guarantee the choice of a real sleeping place and an excellent sleep on such a sleeping mattress will be ensured for you thanks to our store.

Buying orthopedic mattresses in the Interior4You store is the right decision, for: the choice is the largest in the assortment of the catalog, the service is provided - an individual production order by size. With any questions, please contact our online store consultation service. We will answer your questions, make a purchase and deliver your goods in Kiev or to another region or city of Ukraine in the most convenient way for you. Mattresses in the Interior4You store are primarily inexpensive, reliable - excellent specialists who will give expert advice on choice.