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Melanie Abrantes’ Latest Collection Fits Perfectly in These Dutch Still Lifes

We’ve been longtime fans of Melanie Abrantes’ line of sustainable objects and homewares and her latest collection set against beautiful Dutch still life backdrops has us staring at these photographs as if they were masterpieces inside an art gallery. Inspired by the Dutch and the seasonality of their still lifes, photographer Melanie Riccardi and stylist Genevieve Bandrowski captured four vignettes depicting the four seasons and featuring the latest collection designed by Abrantes (who also art directed the shoot). The end results prove that Abrantes’ objects transcend seasons and can hold purpose no matter the time of the year.





The new collection includes wooden candle holders, pink marble pedestal bowls, a black marble ashtray, modern charcoal cork planters, and tall + wide hardwood vases.

Charcoal Cork Planter

Charcoal Cork Planter

Globe Incense Holder

Maple Vases

Hardwood Vases

Wooden Candle Holders

Tall Pedestal Bowl

Wide Pedestal Bowl

Black Marble Smoke Dish

Pipe Carving Kit

Shop the entire collection here.

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