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Spanish furniture company Momocca launched a collection of storage furniture that combines wood, metal, and stone for a bold yet minimalist look. Adara is designed to be a sideboard, console, or chest of drawers that can be customized in your preference of module, finish, and top material.

The Adara modules come in different sizes and are available with drawers, smooth doors, or slotted doors. Once you know how you want the piece to function and the size, you can move on to customize the natural oak veneer’s finish in bright, smoked, dark, natural, or whisky, or go with a lacquered finish in white, pearl grey, or cream.

Then there’s the decision of what material to pick for the top – wood, lacquer, Dekton, or glass, which can be transparent, translucid, or opaque, in black or white.

You can even stack the modules and/or add legs to height.

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