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This latest launch at Marks & Spencer makes washing sheets a thing of the past!

Dread the task of changing the duvet cover each week? Would you happily never wash a duvet cover again if given the choice? We have the solution that means no more of either! Before you think we’re completely bonkers to suggest such an unhygienic scenario, we’re talking about an ingenious new product launching exclusively at M&S.

We present to you the duvet with a difference from the Marks & Spencer bedding collection. The new Printed Duvet design eliminates the need for duvet covers altogether.

No more standing on the bed to waft out the duvet to ensure it’s fully encased in the cover. Forget washing covers inside out to try and make the process that little bit easier. The new printed duvet means you don’t need a separate duvet cover, therefore banishing these weekly mundane tasks.

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All-in-one duvet

When it comes to cleaning your Printed Duvet, simply pop it in the washing machine as you would have done your covers – we have checked and it’s fits in standard machine models. Hang it out to air or pop it in the dryer for it to be dry and ready to dress the bed a few hours later.

Although you are still do a washing load you are not having the faff of removing the duvet cover beforehand.  Plus it means your duvet is washed regularly,  unlike now when let’s be honest it’s done very few months if that!

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Marks & Spencer bedding

The Printed Duvet is  launching in four colourways; Coral, Mint, Light Grey and Dark Blue. With the option of both single and double and two tog sizes in optional  4.5 tog and 10.5 tog ratings.

This quirky duvet is the ideal solution for kid’s bedrooms, students and guest bedrooms due to its easy maintenance properties.

Marks & Spencer bedding

Now as much as we don’t love the weekly tasking of changing the sheets, there is the small factor of not being able to alternate between bedding sets. It’s a simple task but it’s amazing what a change of duvet cover can do for your bedroom decor. You could buy two different colours and do it that way?!

Marks & Spencer bedding

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So, where do you stand on this latest duvet design? To cover or not to cover: that is the question!

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