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British designer Sebastian Bergne’s lighting series, Poise, utilizes simple materials to create elegant sculptural lights inspired by the work of Isamu Noguchi. Much like Noguchi’s Akari collection, the Poise lamps transform from flat paper to three-dimensional objects through folding techniques used on basic paper bags. Each light is composed of paper, lead, cord, and stainless steel, with black geometric shades that emit soft directional light similar to those in a photography studio. The finished fixtures, which include a pendant, floor lamp, and table lamp, can easily be described as functional works of art, something that often describes Noguchi’s work.

Bergne created the lamps for the Akari Unfolded: A Collection by YMER&MALTA exhibition, which includes 26 lamps made in collaboration with six designers. The entire collection is on display until January 27, 2019 at The Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, New York.

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