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David Ericsson’s Pinzo chair for Blå Station is a sturdy little fella! The rough-hewn piece of furniture definitely comes with character – stubby with no nonsense. The entire chair consists of six pieces, a nod to Italian master Enzo Mari’s straightforward approach as well as African seating made directly from tree trunks. The most thoughtful detail just might be the finger jointed backrest that has a hole you can use as a handle. Sustainable and long-lasting, Pinzo will be available in a natural wood color, snow, burgundy, iron sulphate, and a black tint, all showing off the piece’s beautiful woodgrain.

“There’s a clear African inspiration, like how massive sturdy chairs were sculpted out of giant tree trunks. I’ve given Pinzo a Swedish touch: square and angular, open at the front and more fleshy at the back where the seat and backrest join,” Ericsson offered. “It’s idiotic to send wood half way around the world for processing, then back again. Why not deal with our golden green pine treasure right here?”

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