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There comes a point in time when we’re no longer satisfied with the status quo in our lives, including our surroundings, and feel the need to review, reflect, and refresh. Founders and creative directors Suzy and Casper Vissers, as well as their exclusive designer Sjoerd Vroonland, realized this three years ago and began to research and develop a collection that centers around this pivotal moment, and so the team’s new design label Revised was born.

The first ever Revised collection includes seating, tables, storage items, lighting, and home accessories. Each piece conveys comfort, warmth, and soul, like brand new furnishings and fixtures that have the soul of a passed down heirloom.

With an emphasis on conjuring feelings of warmth and welcome, the Revised collection is made of up of simple lines, soft curves and slender silhouettes in materials such as wood, marble, metal and glass.

To learn more about the international launch of the Revised brand, visit revised.com.

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