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Rina Lovko Studio was invited to redesign a children’s room in Kiev for a teenager without changing any of the main elements of the space, like doors, windows, and the floor. To kick the project off, the needs of the teenager were determined and planned out for optimum functionality. A soothing color palette was added through fun accessories and furnishings and the result is a sophisticated room that will grow with the teen as they age.

A long wooden headboard leaves room on either side for simple shelves to act like side tables.

A large bench was installed in front of the window to allow the teenager’s dog, Labrador Larry, to sleep.

The bed floats in mid-air with a clear stand in place of regular legs allowing light to pass through.

The Vitra Jean Prouve chair can be easily moved around for extra seating, reading a book, or enjoying the view of the river.

The niche is now the learning center with a desk and shelves in five different colors to hold books and knick knacks. The lighting panel above keeps the space nice and bright for studying day or night.

Photos: Alexey Yanchenkov

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