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If you’re a fan of energetic color you’re going to love Schönbuch’s bright and juicy introduction to their 2019 collection of products. It debuted a few weeks ago at IMM Cologne with a booth designed by Carolin Sangha that rivals a rainbow itself. She was inspired by contemporary American artist Sterling Ruby, Ruby‘s collaboration with Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons, their joint autumn 2014 collection and the designs for Calvin Klein‘s flagship stores, as well as Bauhaus member Anni Albers.

Filled with so many graphic elements and contrasting colors, Sangha’s visual presentation brilliantly set the scene for the 2019 collection’s introduction. Highlights include products by designers such as Hanne Willmann, Bodo Sperlein, Christian Haas, and Sebastian Herkner sparked joy and excitement among the show’s attendees. See more pieces included in Schönbuch’s 2019 collection below.

ALBERT by Sebastian Herkner

AMIE by Christian Haas

ANT by Bodo Sperlein

BUBBLE by Sebastian Herkner

BUREAU and MALA by Earnest Studio

CARLA by Christian Haas

CONGA by Thomas Althaus

KAEDE by Hanne Willmann

LINE by Apartment 8

LOLA by Bodo Sperlein

PINA by Laurent Batisse

SELMA by Sebastian Herkner

SOUVENIR by Sebastian Herkner

TANI by e-ggs

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