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To celebrate its 10th year, European design brand debuted Collection IV with California-born, Switzerland-based designer Ini Archibong four years after the successful launch of Collection III by Nika Zupanc. They chose Milan Design Week to unveil 11 pieces of the 22-piece collection, entitled ‘Below the Heavens’, which happens to be the designer’s largest collection to date.

The sculptural collection aims to evoke feelings of serenity by referencing “the threshold between heaven and earth,” much like the overall ethos of the brand. Archibong incorporates soft palettes and scaled-back forms with rounded edges offering an inviting feel. While Sé is already known for use of luxury materials, Archibong reimagined them through simple silhouettes and unexpected details that result in a new notable series of work Sé will proudly produce.

From Ini Archibong:

To me, Sé occupies a special place in the spectrum of luxury furniture. This collaboration feels like a perfect fit and it’s an honour to be invited to create the fourth collection. My aim is to push Sé’s fascination for exploring noble and new materials even further, and use them with simple silhouettes and decorative elements to create a memorable collection. Working with Sé, I felt I could work from my heart and soul and the designs flowed freely.

The full collection will be released over a series of two years with the first 11 having launched at Galleria Rossana Orlandi last month in Milan.

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