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Sitia has been seeking out new ideas for contract spaces. Forget the boring beige and ugly fabrics of previous contract offerings, the brand wants to create relaxed working environments that have a domestic feel. They’ve launched a new concept – The Human Work – which will display how to merge the technical and functional requirements of work spaces with the comfortable atmosphere of a residential space. The concept will be presented in Milan at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019 showing a display of designs in solid, perky colors and contemporary silhouettes. Two collections in particular, both designed by MM Company, perfectly showcase the brand’s vision – Felicity and Pergy.

Felicity offers a refined series of seating in one-, two-, or three-seater options. Minimalist legs support low platforms that hold soft, quilted seats with side tables built right in. Tall backs bring additional privacy for contract settings. The seats feature integrated electrical outlets, like USB ports, to keep devices charged.

Pergy consists of an armchair, pouf, two-seater sofa, and a vis-á-vis sofa complete with soft, comfortable curves that would work in any scenario, like lounge areas, living spaces, or in hotels. Pergy was designed by MM Company in collaboration with Pergentino Battocchio.

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