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Sitskie Design Studio Launches New Fig Collection and a Credenza for Vinyl Lovers

Sitskie Design Studio makes locally crafted furniture out of their Detroit, Michigan studio which husband-and-wife team Adam and Vanessa Friedman founded in 2012. Each piece goes through many iterations before being released into the market resulting in thoughtfully designed furniture made to last. The studio just launched their new Fig seating collection and their Open 45 Credenza, all of which feature subtle but unique details that make the designs stand out.

The Open 45 Credenza is made for all the vinyl lovers that want their record player and collection to be on display. The modular design allows the user to create their own personal setup, whether they want to display a few records or many, a speaker or two, or even books. A cord channel hides your messy cords away letting the credenza and your gear be the focus.

The Fig Collection comprises the Fig Chair and the Fig Stool, both of which were inspired by the fig tree that resides in the Sitskie offices. The plant’s wide leaves combined with the thin stems that hold them are translated into the design of the chair which features leather-faced laminated curved panels and a bent steel frame.

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