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Designed for iconic crystal manufacturer, Swarovski Manufaktur is a state-of-the-art crystal workshop in Wattens, Austria, created by Snøhetta. The offices are designed to house everything under one roof, including design, product development, and production. With everything together, they’re able to merge the creative processes with the tech side to further innovation.

The facility revolves around collaboration of ideas, along with the ability to implement those ideas at a fast pace. Throughout the light-filled interior there are an abundance of places for colleagues to work together. Not only that, their goal was to design an inspiring space that sparks creativity.

To create a place for employees to thrive, Snøhetta focused on incorporating as much daylight as possible. It is what makes their crystals sparkle and shine, after all.

The light passes through 135 “cassettes” in the ceiling with a protective solar coating that allows it to filter in gently. Another ceiling feature is perforated acoustic panels that help manage noise throughout the open space.

White surfaces are paired with light birch floor panels to keep the interior fresh and bright.

Photos by David Schreyer.

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