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Splinter Creek is a Mississippi community that focuses on sustainable and comfortable living and the development just finished their model home. The project features 26 lakeside plots for homeowners to choose from with endless options to customize their own home. The community is a collaboration between New York-based Lang Architecture and Texas-based Lake Flato with the interior of the model styled by Memphis-based interior designer Sean Anderson.

The design is based on the classic dogtrot layout with the main focus being on the view of the water and forests.  The simple, timber-framed home was inspired by agrarian structures often found in the area. Lots of windows were incorporated to ensure plenty of natural light fills the interior.

For now the house is used as a physical representation of what customers can have built allowing them to explore all kinds of possibilities as far as furnishings and upgrades go. Buyers can also bring in their own builder if they prefer something else.

The furnishings throughout are casual and prevent a cozy yet sophisticated space that’s perfect for lakeside living. White surfaces make the wood details and floors pop.

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