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French designer Inga Sempé just launched her first collaboration with Italian design brand Magis. The Vitrail series consists of stained glass-inspired mirrors that aim to bring life to any space much like a window. Sempé also considered Venetian mirrors with smaller mirror pieces framing a center one. With that in mind, she created modern versions using clear and colored mirrors.

The mirrors have injection molded rubber frames that are malleable enough to insert the mirror fragments in contrasting colors. The Vitrail collection includes four formats that can be hung vertically or horizontally, including a small square, large rectangle, and an oval that feature a larger clear mirror center with two colored fragments on the outside. The last design is round with five strips in two contrasting versions – a light grey frame with sections of pastel green glass, and a green frame with mirrors that range from black to light grey. Overall, the collection has a total of eight different mirrors.

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