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Inspired by recent findings regarding the effects of air pollution on the planet, designer Eva Sonneveld designed a fashion concept called Survival Constructions that’s based on the idea that we need to start adapting to our bleak world if we are to survive. In collaboration with Claudine Pieters from the Technical University in Eindhoven, she created a sweater that’s designed to detect dangerous levels of air pollution around you. Air pollution, also known as the silent killer because you can’t always see it, kills up to 8 million people per year according to this article and is a leading cause of global warming. Sonneveld and Pieters’ sweater would ideally protect wearers against this threat.


The sweater is dyed with a thermochromic ink that’s heat-reactive, making it change to purple when exposed to high levels of pollution. A chip is also added to sweater to send a pulse and alert the wearer. Finally, as an added element of survival, 50 meters of multipurpose survival rope has been knotted into a vest-like garment to be used if needed.

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