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Roberti Rattan is no stranger to dreamy daybeds as you may remember the PORTOFINO Daybed from a few years ago. Now the brand is taking things to the next level with a new daybed, by Antonio De Marco and Simone Fanciullacci, that will improve your outdoor naps tenfold. ATOLLO is a maxi daybed made from steel, aluminum, and marine net that comes in a variety of configurations to create the perfect outdoor haven.

The collection starts with a canopy structure outfitted with a slanted seat made of marine netting, a sail parasol above for shade, and curtains for additional privacy. There are other versions that come with no curtains, a full quilted mattress, a half quilted mattress, or removable circular cushions. In addition, there are designs that come without the canopy but with the same seating options depending on your preference. All in, there are 11 versions in the collection.

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