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They say “third time’s a charm”, but in the case of the Apple Watch, we believe Cupertino hit the mark the fourth time around with their latest Series 4 wearable, an update sporting a number of improvements both physically and technologically that all add up to the best smartwatch available today. Now larger in two sizes – 44mm and 40mm – both models sport an edge-to-edge display offering 30%+ increase in screen size; the new watches are also a smidgen thinner. The good news is even with the larger displays, bands for the previous Series 3 are perfectly compatible, with the latest 4th iteration outfitted with same ingenious push-and-slide mechanism which makes changing out bands fast and elementary. Although Apple’s selection of in-house bands all come highly recommended, if you’re looking to mix things up, there are plenty of Apple Watch outfitters suited to add some fashionable options to your Series 4 wardrobe.

1. Oittm Stainless Steel Watch Band 2. Casetify Stainless Steel Mesh 3. Jord Interlaced Wood and Titanium Band 4. Juuk Vitero Granite Anodized Aluminum Band 5. THIS IS GROUND Leather Band 6. NOMAD Modern Strap 7. Rilee & Lo Rose Gold Watch Band  8. Speidel Twist-O-Flex Brushed Stainless Steel Band 9. Native Union Active Strap 10. Strapa Ingenium

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