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Seoul-based artist Saerom Yoon popped up on our radar in 2016 with these dyed acrylic tables that were pretty majestic. Now two years later, Yoon is back with the Crystal Series_ Vase (Shimmering Lake of Flowers at Dusk) exploring the same medium but in much smaller forms. The series was inspired by evening light hitting a lake, as if Yoon had brought the glowing lake water in and filled a vase with it for a flower instead of just filling a vase with regular water and adding flowers to it.

The rich colors ripple through each vase with one side mimicking the undulating surface of the lake. As light moves around or as the vase is adjusted, the colors change and intensify the wave-like texture making it feel more like nature and the rippling water of the lake.

By Korean artist Noh Sangho

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