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While most dental practices are fairly sterile, and well, pretty ugly, the Fi Clinic in Tczew, Poland is anything but. The clinic hired 1504 architekci to design new offices outfitted with everything a modern dental practice should have, including a welcoming lobby, procedure rooms, sterilizing room, tomograph room, and a kitchen. They wanted to reduce stress so they incorporated curved corners that invite the patients back into the dentist’s room.

The overall lobby was designed in a palette of black, white, wood, and brass , including the black tiles on the lower part of the wall. At closer glance, you might notice that they used 32 marbled tiles in the design to represent the number of teeth found in adult mouths.

The neutral “black” zone welcomes patients with a minimalist look that’s topped off with some green plants. Continuing on, patients enter the “white” zone aimed to give a clean and fresh feeling.

Even the procedure rooms incorporate the warm wood which adds a cozier feeling in a typically scary place.

Photos by Tom Kurek.

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