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The Pape Loft resides inside a quirky church conversion project in Toronto that’s broken up into multi-story lofts. StudioAC was brought on board by the owners of this loft to help create a more minimalist way of living through a renovation and with less furnishings overall.

The loft spans 1,143-square-feet with a double-height living room that features a curved balcony above in the same material as the light wooden floors. The curvy element helps keep the interior light and feeling larger than it actually is while creating a feeling of continuity and intimacy.

The kitchen was moved in order to keep the main floor fully open so it’s tucked away in a niche. The cabinets fall in the minimalist vein with no adornment and a light wooden finish that mirrors the flooring.

Upstairs, the master bedroom is situated behind glass panels, separating it from the home office while allowing natural light to still enter.

Photos by Jeremie Warshafsky Photography.

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