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Prepare for when it all cools off with these stylish sheets

Those in the know will tell you that if you’re after style on a shoestring, Asda bedding really delivers. And it’s latest range of duvet sets might just be its best yet. Starting at just £12, they’ll instantly transform a dreary double into the divan of dreams!

Hurrah for George Home! A new classy and colourful Asda garden furniture range has just landed

Ok, given how hot it is right now, snuggling up in bed is probably the last thing on your mind. But we live in the UK people! Which means it’s going to turn colder than a polar bear’s ears before you know it. So no why not be prepared, and snap up one of these sets before they all sell out.

Opulence bedding

Asda has headed to Japan to find inspiration for this duvet set, featuring Koi carp, cherry blossom and water lilies. It’s also a country where cats are seen as lucky, so the design team couldn’t help but include a couple of cushions with a feline theme.

Buy now: Koi Print Easy Care Duvet Set, £12 for a double, George Home
Buy now: Blue Geisha Cat Cushion, £6, George Home
Buy now: Geisha Cat Cushion, £5, George Home

Retreat bedding


Deep purple is going to be one of THE hot colours for bedrooms as we head into autumn, so get ahead of the curve with this pretty set. It’s a clever way to bring the colour – which you’d naturally think suits a more glam setting – into a country-style bedroom.

Buy now: Floral Print Easy Care Duvet Set, £12 for a double, George Home

Harmony bedding


The Scandi look continues to go from strength to strength, and we think it’s a great style choice for a teen bedroom. Here, Asda has taught us a very clever styling trick – this is actually a mix of three different duvet sets.

Therefore, given they are so affordable, why not buy all three sets of this Asda bedding and try different combination of pillow and duvet covered every time you change your sheets?

Buy now: Pink Geometric Print Easy Care Reversible Duvet Set, £10 for a double, George Home
Buy now: Geometric Print Easy Care Duvet Set, £15 for a double, George Home
Buy now: Geometric Print Easy Care Duvet Set, £12 for a double, George Home

Each double, king and super kind set features two pillow cases, with a soft poly-cotton finish that barely creases – because who wants to spend hours ironing?

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Top marks once again, George Home at Asda!

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