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Have an exposed brick wall, but not sure what to do with it? These three inspirational homes – sized as smaller apartments or more luxurious two-storey dwellers – use exposed brick, wooden paneling and shades of grey to create modern spaces. Long lines of wood construct kitchens with grey benches ending in exposed brick walls. Wooden doors shake off their natural grooves to reveal bookcases. Exposed brick tiling holds a faucet, and wooden shelving a sink top in a stone bathroom clothed in grey. Get inspiration and design ideas for your exposed brick facades, with these three homes combining brick, wood and grey.

Our first home uses grey, brick and wood in a loft for an IT specialist, a home designed to repel negative thinking and clutter. Opening to the living room, spaced wooden rafters cling to the ceiling, while a relaxed grey couch offers a seat beneath. A base in grey – spreading from two different paint shades in the walls, to a floor rug, coffee table vases and extractor fan high shelving – keeps the mood calm, refreshed and not too busy.

As we zoom further out, the Menu Willmann vases on the coffee table find friends in other small, grey-hued things. A row of aluminium camera lights draw squares around the ceiling; door handles shine bright in silver; a grey abstract houses smaller shades, on the wall opposite. An exposed brick wall makes an appearance to the right.

Looking towards the TV, more exposed brick meets the eye. A standing lamp harks to the rows of camera lights above, boasting a similar style. Wide windows to the right open up the room, lighting a fern and making reflections off the screens. A large grey panel beneath ensures red brick doesn’t dominate.

The dining area wows with modern dining pendants in a lighter grey. Wooden panels show themselves in a reclaimed table and warmer kitchen cabinetry, harking back to the paneling in the kitchen. Two in-built stoves and a mini potted plant also catch the eye.

A front-on view reveals open kitchen shelving, indented stools and a community of lines that stretch across the island, cabinetry, rafters and upper shelving. Here, wooden paneling and grey stone mingle seamlessly, equally sharing the visual impact.

The concrete-walled bedroom offers a similar schematic, with a wide, open space joined by horizontal lines. A low concrete platform raises the futon, which boasts a headboard in brown leather. Grey curtains hide and reveal outside light, while a rough abstract painting harks back to the lounge. A distressed wooden side table holds a Buddha talking to its owner’s beliefs. More camera lights tie in the rest of the interior.

A row of dark glass cabinets form the wardrobe, artfully keeping clothing in whilst alluding to more space.

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