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Tidelli Outdoor Launches Their 2019 Collection with New Finishes and Colors

Tidelli Outdoor is the Brazilian brand that brought us the ability to create custom outdoor rugs and now they’ve launched their 2019 collection full of new products, finishes, colors, and stones to help anyone create the perfect outdoor oasis. They’re continuing to use their signature material – nautical rope – in new and inventive ways with the addition of 11 new colors that range from the more soft, subtle shades to much more bold and daring, including aqua, emerald, jade, rose gold, rouge, mustard, galaxy, indigo, burgundy beige, copper, and blood orange. Along with new rope colors, they’ve added new aluminum colors and have started using real Brazilian stones. Besides the new color choices, Tidelli is releasing a collection of new outdoor accessories, like planters, candleholders, lanterns, pendant lighting, trays, cooler buckets, pillows, and macrame curtains to add to their expansive catalog of furniture offerings.

Another release for 2019 is the Obsession Collection created by Kwangho Lee, a Korean artist brought on to collaborate and design five new pieces, including a lounge chair, bench, ottoman, and two coffee tables available in two color options.

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