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Toru Uses Leather in New Ways for a Collection of Unique Seating

Toru first caught our eye in 2017 at WantedDesign and since then the Barcelona-based designer has expanded his collection of seating that uses vegetable-tanned leather in experimental ways. Leather is typically used to upholster pieces of furniture but Toru uses the material itself for backrests and seats on chairs and stools. Each piece is handmade by local craftsman using the highest quality of leather that’s tanned with chestnut, mimosa, and quebracho extracts, which helps keep the original raw look and color of the material.

Babu is a floor-based chair that was inspired by travel. The easy-to-move design is made with sheets of leather and brass and it offers a spot to relax and meditate.

The Clop lounge chair features three legs and a folded leather back that was inspired by the simplicity of a clog shoe – half wood and half leather.

The Clop table chair is much like the lounge chair above but it stands on four legs and merges natural, hard wood with soft leather.

The Pony stool might make you dream of riding a horse with its sleek steel base and 6mm thick leather seat.

Toro will be exhibiting these pieces at this year’s London Design Fair which runs from September 20-23rd, 2018.

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