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Real or fake? These Next plants will have you guessing…

If it’s too early to be thinking Christmas greenery, why not indulge your home with lush green houseplants instead.

This new range of artificial Next plants are so realistic, even the most green-fingered folk won’t be able to tell they don’t need watering.

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The trend for adding greenery indoors is off-the-scale right now, set to be just as big in 2019 still!

Next plants to bring the outside in

The new collection of artificial plants at Next has a tree for all seasons. The range of indoor faux plants features thoroughly realistic plants of all varieties to create a sea of green throughout our homes. From a bold Banana tree to an elegant Bamboo design there’s a shrub to suit all styles.

Artificial plants are the dream for those who want the look, without the maintenance. Often realistic looking faux plants, can cost the earth. Luckily, with indoor plants trending, the high street has responded and given us some brilliant new shopping destinations for good faux plants – Next being one of them!

String-of-pearl trailing plant

Next plants

This contemporary string-of-pearl succulent is one of the most popular indoor plants right now. To give it the correct name, Senecio Rowleyanus creates a style statement with trailing pearl-like beads.

We know Marks & Spencer do a similar faux plant, that sold out almost as soon as it went online. We therefore don’t expect this one at Next to hang around for long (excuse the pun!).

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Buy now: Trailing Succulent Plant, £14, Next

Next plants: real or faux?

With a height of 95cm this tree is a real statement buy. At just £60 it’s also a highly affordable one too!

With the bulky trunk and lush green leaves, could this be a great modern alternative to a Christmas tree?! Or are we just looking for an excuse to buy one immediately?

Buy now: Pothos Pole Plant, £60, Next

Potted succulents in marble pots

Next plants

The power of a simple succulent shows no signs of fading. Smart succulents in marble-style pots make a great addition to bathrooms, to add a touch of greenery.

Succulents are widely thought of as the easiest plants to care for, yet they can be easily killed with kindness! You always know where you stand with a faux we say. they look the part and you can’t kill them unintentionally, win win.

Buy now: Set of 3 Marble Effect Succulent Pots, £18, Next

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Thanks to Next filling our homes with greenery has never been easier and more affordable.

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