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Kids furniture, bed with shelves

Modern furniture with storage spaces is a convenient and stylish idea, perfect for small rooms. A pouf with a cover, a bed with shelves and boxes, a side table with compartments for storing items are ideal room furniture items that improve the functionality of the interior design and maximize valuable small spaces. Check out the Lushome collection of space-saving storage ideas, and look for modern furniture with storage compartments to buy for your home.

Under bed storage boxes and kids beds with shelves are excellent, contemporary, and space-saving ideas for modern bedroom designs. Trunk coffee tables and poufs with covers can store kids toys, shoes, hats, magazines and books. While providing an additional seat or a coffee table the poufs with storage help organize home interiors and hide items.

Creative storage, furniture design ideas

22 modern storage ideas maximizing small living room designs

Modern storage furniture design, patchwork panel doors

DIY modern furniture, storage ideas for clutter-free interior design

Space-saving furniture with storage spaces

dining chairs with storage boxes
Dining chairs, backrest boxes for storage

A modern sofa and a side table with shelves or a dining chair with storage box designed on the backrest are unique furniture items that are great for organizing small spaces. Elegant and contemporary solutions make storage an attractive part of the modern interior design. Creative and original storage ideas add decorative details to room furniture and organize beautiful rooms.

window seat with storage baskets
Window seat with storage baskets and colorful cushions
small kitchen island with shelves
Small kitchen island with shelves
contemporary chair with book storage
Unique furniture, wooden chair with bookshelves
trunk coffee table
Trunk coffee table, space-saving living room design idea
corner sofa with shelves
Living room sofa with storage shelves

1. Beds with storage

Kids furniture, bed with shelves

wooden bed with storage drawerskids bed with storage systembuilt in bed with storage boxesmodern bed with storage drawer

2. Poufs with storage

upholstered pouf
Upholstered pouf with storage

upholstered pouf with cover

3. Small tables with storage

side table on wheels
Side table with storage shelves and casters

cofee table with shelves

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  last updated: 10.03.2018

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