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If you’re traveling to or through Charlotte, North Carolina any time soon we have a stop to add to your list – Wanderwall. Designed by THEVERYMANY, a Brooklyn-based art and architecture studio, the eight-story public installation features ecological, social, and economic activity in a pattern of swirling activity using the company’s ultra-thin, self-supporting aluminum structures that are hung in one piece.

The folded metal structure wraps the south and east sides of the Stonewall Station parking garage and features a porosity that allows light into the garage’s interior. Wanderwall is a beacon on the uptown skyline, a dazzling display of rich and colorful gradients that speaks to the city’s activity and growth. Each view produces a different angle full of new discoveries, so stop by at the intersection of S. Caldwell and E. Stonewall Street in Charlotte and see for yourself.

Photos by NAARO.

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