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Wanghe Studio Designs the Childhood Series for “Beijing Drifters”

Chinese designer Wang He has recently launched his Beijing-based Wanghe Studio with the hope of presenting Chinese culture in a modern, design-focused way. At the 2018 London Design Fair, his studio debuted a collection of living room furniture that was designed for the “Beijing Drifters,” a term used for young professionals who have yet to settle down. With no feelings of belonging, the Childhood Series sets out to see if it’s possible to design furniture that could create that sense for those young adults living and working in Beijing.

In order to make that happen, He created five members for his furniture family – the Marshmallow Sofa, Lollipop Side Table, Hide & Seek Sideboard, Skateboard Coatrack, and the Arch Floor Mirror. The childhood-inspired pieces aim to bring a feeling of coziness by adding character and flexible functionality for those who use it.

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