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The Sight Unseen OFFSITE exhibition is set to launch later this week and this year they’re adding something a little different to the mix. They’ve paired up 13 designers with 13 creatives and invited them to create a functional object together as part of Field Studies. One of those partnerships brings together Brooklyn’s Bower Studio and the multi-hyphenate Seth Rogen who joined forces to design the Atlas Mirror.

The globe-like Atlas Mirror pays homage to a handful of Rogen’s favorite things – vibrant colors in street art and 80’s pop culture, like those airbrushed Hypercolor t-shirts. The mirror’s 3D effect comes from the colorful gradations hand-painted behind the curved pieces of mirror which create a psychedelic feel, especially when viewing your own broken reflection.

While Rogen’s probably best known as an actor, director, screenwriter, and producer, he’s also a guy with a contagious laugh (listen to his Howard Stern interviews!) and the son of a woman that regularly drops Twitter gold. What you might not know is that he and his wife founded Hilarity for Charity in 2012 with the hopes of bringing awareness and raising money for Alzheimer’s disease and that’s the charity selected to receive the proceeds when the mirror sells on 1stdibs.

Photos by Josh Gaddy, courtesy of 1stdibs.

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