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Just imagine getting to work outside every day or at least in a space that feels like it. For their own architecture practice, WOHA by Antonio Maciá created that exact feel with their new office located in Elche, Spain. The concept was to design a space that resembled an “inner landscaped patio” complete with a series of elements: planters, a work table, installations, storage, a ceramic wall, and bathroom.

In front of the windows, a series of planters line up around the perimeter as a way to outline the “patio” while allowing the plants to soak up the sunlight. Over time, the plants will grow and change the look of the office just as they would outdoors.

Vertical pine strips form an undulating wall with a curtain of white thread behind it to disguise the storage area.

A series of yellow hoses hang from the ceiling providing the plants with water.

A ceramic wall offers privacy for a meeting room towards the back of the office. The carpet helps absorb sound so the space doesn’t need to be closed off.

Photos by David Frutos.

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