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I don’t think that traditional Christmas wrapping paper colours will ever go out of fashion, but our customers’ choices are so extremely varied. From pastels paired with white ribbon to really striking brights or contemporary patterns in muted tones, there’s something to suit every taste.

Wrapping trends

This year, we are seeing lots of our customers go for a Scandinavian theme, particularly red and white Nordic patterns. I love the idea of embellishing Scandi-style gift wrapping with handmade wooden ornaments or a hand-knitted decoration – perhaps one of the quirky animal characters from illustrator Kayleigh Radcliffe’s exclusive Christmas range with us. Not only does it add to the overall effect of the present, but it’s an extra little gift for the recipient too!

Head of Home at Harrods Rina Bhansali tells us how to wrap a present to perfection with five handy tips

5 Top Tips for Wrapping

I think the biggest mistake people make when wrapping a gift is using too much paper. This can ruin the finish and stop you from getting those perfectly neat corners. To avoid this, wrap the paper around your gift before you cut it to size to ensure it goes completely around, leaving only an inch or two of overlap.

When it comes to tape, it’s double sided or nothing. Seeing sticky tape or stickers on the outside of the paper can make the wrapping look disjointed, whereas double-sided tape gives a seamless look. I would recommend using a tape dispenser, as double-sided tape is a little more fragile and can sometimes tear.

Once you’ve got your wrapping technique perfected, you can use almost anything to wrap a present. If you suddenly need to wrap something unexpectedly, a page of neat newspaper print or a colourful page from your favourite magazine can look really effective. If you’re feeling creative, fabric offcuts or even wallpaper can work really well and add texture to your gift. Even kitchen foil can work!

The easiest option when it comes to wrapping lots of little gifts is to use a box. I love the idea of giving each item its own little box and stacking them one on top of another, from large to small. Wrapping each of the gifts separately and tying them all together makes for a super exciting package to receive. Another great option is a hamper – displaying lots of gifts in one go really have a massive impact and.

For a completely matching look, cut your gift tag out of your wrapping paper or create a contrast with a clashing print. I also love the idea of using wooden tags – we have chosen some beautiful laser-cut wooden snowflake designs, which you can write on the underside of.

I am also a huge fan of adding additional sensory experiences to gift wrapping – whether that’s a few drops of your favourite fragrance on some tissue paper inside the gift or a string of mini red and silver jingle bells attached to your gift tag, the sound of which adds to the anticipation of opening the gifts.

Harrods Gift Wrapping service is available in-store, located on the third floor

Christmas wrapping paper inspiration from the House & Garden Archive

Pair wrapping paper from Cambridge Imprint with small coloured-glass baubles (‘Dew Drop’, £18.95 for a set of 12, The Original Pop Up Shop) for sophisticated gift-giving.

Embellish a plain gift box (mini kraft gift box, £1.75, from Paperchase) with small items such as these model trees. Use twine (£1.69 for 38 metres, from Ryman) to hold them in place.

For graphic wrapping paper, opt for Esme Winter’s designs (£3.60 a sheet, from Shepherds), and choose bright and colourful ribbon to finish (£2.50 for five metres, from Paperchase).

Wrap colourful string, wool or ribbon around brown paper to create a festive rainbow. Loop together three or four strands of each shade and tie in a loose knot at the top of the parcel.

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